last month was my first time working with tori and i could not be more excited working with her! we are just getting started but, she is already making my life easier and I feel and look better!
— Tasheba Bryan/personal shopping
All in all, it was such a great experience to be styled by Tori for my blog photo shoot and she even gave me a little advice on some pieces I was contemplating returning or selling.
— Hayley James /Style Session
Thank you so much for this assessment! Since our appointment and closet purge, I feel a lot better about my self and I am more motivated to apply some of the techniques to other areas of my house and life ; cleaning out a lot of other unnecessary things and energies. I love, love, love my new closet! I love the assessment and everything you told me was so on point as to the type of style I want to have showcased. I believe it will be easier now to find intentional outfits within my closet that fit my style...... Overall my experience was great and definitely exceeded expectations. I feel empowered and as if I have the tools needed to continue to dress and shop for the style/ look that I want. I will definitely refer others and reach out again for additional services. Again thank you zoo much!
What canI say!? I gave Tori my vision and she beyond exceeded my expectations! Her sense of style is a gift and I am honored she has decided to share with the world. I have raved about how talented she is since this shoot and will continue to do so! Tori just gets it! She runs with the challenge and its apparent she is passionate about her work! I will continue to use her services year after year.
-Barika Personal Shopping/styling photoshoot

"i have been mixing and matching the 10 itemes of clothing in my closet that tori left me with though, lol!. No for real, the closet cleanse was a little painful because i rid of most of my cloths, but i gained so much in return. my closet actually stays clean now!  I can actually see the floor too! Now Im more focused and intentional when putting  together my outfits an when i go shopping. I did some recent shopping for a trip and I actually halfway enjoyed myself! i was confident  in my selections and i heard tori's voice in my head the whole time as i critiqued each piece lol.Tori is amazing at what she does! She’s very professional and knowledgeable about all things fashion related. looking forward to the next session!
/  dia t. -style development,wardrobe audit, outfit coordination  /


"everything was great! thankyou so much for your expertise!

/  candace o. -personal styling  /


my experience with tori was amazing she helped me find exactly what I  WAS looking for and i felt like a totally different person.

/  whitley w. -personal shopping & styling  /


Tori has an eye for what makes me feel good. My overall experience was great and very informative. She helped me build a practical wardrobe!

/  Brian c.l-Virtual styLING /