When starting my personal styling business, I first had to be my own customer. I took every step of the process and applied it to my personal life. That meant doing a closet cleanse, a come to jesus moment with clothes an items I never would wear or use again. I needed a fresh start. I wanted to feel a sense of newness  and refinement, especially with life and career transformations. Its typical for people to wait until Monday, the new season, or even the new year to start making life changes, and decisions, but  I am a why wait  until tomorrow  type of gal! (Except when i am procrastinating lol)During my life declutter   process ,that I  annually do,  I realized  I had a ton of clothes that were cute but just got no love. The issue was that I was shopping for clothes I liked versus clothes that fit my lifestyle. Furthermore, a lot of these items  were either somewhat trendy , colors that were based on my  current  mood, and or an emotional purchase. This is often a mistake we make as consumers. So what did I do? Gave myself a life assessment so that I could identify what my actual needs vs. wants were. I asked myself where do I spend most of my time,  what is my typical go to pieces for that time spent? Diagnosing myself was the beginning phases of setting my Style Mood!


With Houston really only having 2-3 seasons, its not too difficult to transition from season to season, but for some it can be difficult putting things all together. For me personally I love doing mood boards because its a clear reflection of the things that inspire me or make me feel good. My mood board above is about Redefining my personal style, look and color palette. There is something so intriguing yet so traditional with black and white ,and I have chosen this to be my main go to color  palette. Though I love color, I am in a space where I crave balance, rejuvenation, structure, and refinement. The mood board above not only reflects where I am emotionally, but stylishly as well. Im so here for minimal style with clean lines, structured silhouettes, stripes, and texture. As the season change , so will my mood, but this will always be my foundation to build on. 

Whats your current Style Mood?  Are you in need of a Seasonal Change?  How can I help?