This look is soo typical of me! At some point you will realize that boyfriend jeans are the foundation of my uniform! Lol I just can not get enough of them.  This trend is here to stay for me. It's denim which =classic in my eyes. I remember being excited about this particular pair because of its slight taupe wash on the jeans. This could be easily paired with creams, jewel toned colors and could be transitioned year round. 


Rocked my Zara mesh shirt to soften the look, which I consider apart of my signature style.( fem meets him) Mesh is sooo ON right now and I certainly plan to take it through the year by layering .( 5 points for practicality)  You will see this too on major repeat( don't judge me). 

Yalllll! I literally almost let my Members Only bomber jacket Go. I thrifted  this jacket almost 12 years ago and have always held it near and dear . This jacket has made it through multiple purging sprees that I have at least 2 x a year. I honestly had not worn this jacket in the last 2-3 years so thought it was time to let it go. (Oh boy was I wrong) Bomber jackets  are trending , and making various statements on the street and runway. I'm just glad to say I have an original.

Let's talk about how crazy I am about hats and especially this Men's Brixtons  Panama hat that I got from Urbanoutfitters.  The olive green makes it soo clutch! This is probably my favorite hat of  my growing collection .  

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