Fall/winter fashion is in full effect and I am so here for it! Last months mood was all about balance, and setting a functional  color palette for your wardrobe. Cleaning out the old and embracing the new (Any aspect of your life!) . I hope you were able to start applying the idea of TODAY and NOT tomorrow! 

Hit Reboot!

 When putting this  months board together I was so inspired and invigorated by colors, textures, neutral blends, and the Holidaaazzzze of course! This months mood is all about making a statement, whether in the boardroom, bedroom (not what your are thinking lol), or in style. Lets gets a head start to the new year by expressing  being bold and expressing your Truth! 


For the Corporate conservative!

 This season  we are getting warmed up with  vibrant reds , mustards, furs, velvets, leathers, sequin, and much more! I have literally fell in love with yellow all over again! Are you embracing any of this seasons trends? If not, you certainly should be, but be sure not to over indulge as some items can be just that....trendy/seasonal.  Remember If you plan to splurge be sure its on a functional and or staple piece, Its not wise to spend a lot on "in the moment" fashion.  Applying these trends can be maxed out or done  moderately  depending on your style mood or identity.  If you are more conservative try utilizing color, patterns ,or textures with an accessory. A scarf/tie with colors and or patterns, jewel toned chandelier earrings, colored oxford or brogue, or a statement handbag is an easy start. How about a jewel toned fedora hat? If you know me, you know I am always here for a good brim!


Willing to take a few risks? Incorporate  colored bottoms , jackets, or blazers in rich hues such as yellow, kelly green, or red. Stripes and velvets can soften the look of any item while giving off a  socially fashionable look! 


 IF you prefer to go hard and not home, try a full monochromatic look or color block look. Pair furs with sequin, leather with velvets, or stripes with houndstooth.  All of these looks can be mixed- matched ; showcasing personal style. You can always utilize your personal color palette  or  neutral colors such as denim, camel, creams, and navy for balance and comfort.  Yasssssss for textures and tones this season! Im typically not drawn to red , but I could not pass up on a $20 Red faux  leather jacket, along with scoring a couple of colored wide leg trousers! Holiday parties are starting this week so why not impress your co-workes/friends by spicing up your look!
Ask Him Anything!

It is officially cuffing season, and while some of us are still in the draft, others are trying to figure out the "WHAT ARE WE?".   "Will we make it past the winter?".(inserts emoji side eye) lol.  I am perfectly fine sitting out this drafting season, I prefer stressing out on getting you all some good content!  I will say, whether man or woman, be bold and ask the questions you want to know! Sitting in uncertainty is never fun. Be intentional while dating or just be upfront with your intentions. Dont be afraid to express  what you are thinking and how you feel. Preserve your energy wisely , save yourself and your time! I have been on both sides of the fence, and AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Perhaps all is well with your love life, but not so good in the workplace. This is the time to face whatever it is that makes your work life  not so fun or fulfilling. Do you feel you need a raise, co-worker drama,or  just not happy with your career? What are you doing  to change the situation? Ask for that raise, resolve the conflict, or change that career  and pursue something you actually love doing! Whatever it is , JUST DO IT! (not a paid endorsement LOL).

I am in a season of Action, Intention, and Boldness, and I want to become contagious! This is the last month of the year people,why not go out  with a BANG  in Love, Happiness, and in STYLE ! 

What mood are you in beautiful people?

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