Hey beautiful people! This post is sooooo long overdue seeing as though  my New York trip  was almost two months ago. It was only just a week before parting the friendly skies that I would have made a decision that would possibly change my life. I signed up for The School of STYLE  Personal Stylist Certification Program.   This was a major investment, but worth every penny. Speaking of pennies ..... I managed to travel on a great budget while there.  My visit to New York was mainly a business trip so this won't be much of a guide, but I will be sure to highlight some helpful information.I I had no time to socialize, or do too much site seeing because it was such an intense 48 hour training. My trip to the "Concrete Jungle" was such a breeze  and I plan to visit frequently.


I decided to fly Southwest Airlines as they were offering the better deal; flying into LaGuardia Airport on a late Friday night. This airport doesn't provide direct public transportation like the other airports, so I highly suggest using Uber.  With New York being the" big city ",I knew that staying in a hotel was going to be a big price, so I went the Air B route. The  first time I went to  New York I didn't get a chance  to go to Brooklyn , so naturally I opted for a home there.


I decided on Ous Place, a cool redeveloped brownstone in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The host  shares this Bach pad with two other guys. They were all nice, accomadating, and kept a pretty clean house considering. (LOL) Dont expect anything fancy! Though I am typically a hotel snob, it had the bare necessities,  which is all I needed for this particular trip. I am sure you are wondering why I would do such a thing alone. I felt completely comfortable, and my host Ous made sure of it! What I loved most was getting up in the mornings and walking to the subway station.  It was refreshing to just walk the neighborhood and take public transportation without having to deal with traffic. The home  was about a ten min walk to the L Train which takes you to Manhattan in about 20 minutes or so depending on your destination!

Saturday morning i woke up filled with a ton of emotions. Here I was in my favorite city, headed to the  renown  Pier 59 Studio, taking part of a class that would aid in my next career move in Fashion. You wouldn't even begin to understand that feeling. Being the introvert that I am, I entered the lobby and found a corner. I was met by 49 others who were low key  sizing each other up. Some chatted amongst groups,others sat nervously. Me.... I had my headphones on and was in a zone of my own. (STYLED TO THE GODS OF COURSE) We finally got the day  going and I walked out with new friends! Sunday I repeated my morning routine, but this time I stopped into ROUTINE... a really cute vegan coffee shop in. My coffee was wonderful and served its purpose well. 



 Sunday went by zoo fast, being consumed with massive information, exercises ,and  a private Vip Lunch for a portion of the class, which I was able to attend. We concluded our day with cake, champagne , hugs, tears, and laugher during the graduation ceremony. It was amazing meeting and speaking to other women who share my vision and passion . The coolest thing there were women from all over the World!

You all are probably wondering if there was really such a need to take this certification class. It definitely was! As being an entrepreneur I believe how you run your business is 90% a reflection of your business outcome. I wanted to know the administrative  work and process  involved  in  having a styling career not just styling. I wanted to know the A-Z's of building and maintaing a clientele as well as the execution of the job. I got all that and more! 

The beauty of it all is that  this overwhelming experience took place in a city of dreamers. New York City to me is a place of hope, hustle, and a place where you can make your dreams come true. I certainly did. My second encounter of the city was nothing short than amazing even with all the nothings and simplicities. The dirty roads , the packed subways, the constant movements, the hustle and flow of New York will always remain near and dear. To experience New York is a dream... and thats the state of mind I  want to remain in. 

What city do you dream in beautiful people?