I remember sitting on my couch scrolling through social media  last year, envying friends as they were dancing, drinking and  partying the night away in their all white Easter Clothes! (My term for "dressy"). I mean how in the hell did I miss out on such a Prestigious looking event? I like drinking, I like Easter clothes! Needless to say, I was not missing out on the next.

I remember receiving my email stating that I had gotten a spot, and though it was only three weeks from the event date, I knew I was going to make it work. I asked a few people who had went the year before what to expect and although most had a great time, almost all complained about how much work was involved. Me being the strategist and organizer I am, I was definitely not about to let that damper my excitement, so I got to planning. 

I was going to the event with three of my friends so we delegated tasks amongst the group so that it would not seem like too much for one person. I certainly suggest doing this if you are going in a group, however, I will say keep the delegation down to 2-3 people as too many spread out tasks could possibly lead to a shortage . I was aware that we would be taking EVERYTHING out there on our own so I tried my best to make sure we had all our I's dotted and T's crossed, but you know how that goes when you are trying to make everything PERFECT......EVERYTHING WRONG HAPPENS.

I  laugh about it now because I remember being so frustrated. You know how when things are crazy, all you can do is  laugh? That was certainly our group! We missed the meet up time, but managed  to make it to the venue, luckily it was around the corner from my place at the new Houston

Midtown Park . Finding our table leader was almost as challenging as hauling all of our supplies on one dolly over a field of grass in heels! Everything was literally falling apart! I was beginning to understand why friends were discouraged. Could you imagine that? My friend Kendra was holding it down LOL!   We finally found our table leader  and began to set up but, was still missing a table. At this point most of the surrounding tables  were set up and  some were  already chowing down on their meals. The sun was going down and so was the temperature ! I did not know what to do at this point but to DRINK! I got to the line where we were to pick up our pre purchased wine and sparked conversation with other  first time En Blanc-ers, it had been a trying day for all of us , but we all decided to make the best of it.

Tables are set, drinks are poured, now let the festivities begin! Can you imagine a sea of people in all white? It was such a beautiful site to see all that Melanin popping in white! You know how WE  show up and show out for an "ALL WHITE AFFAIR".(LoL) , but I was shocked to see that it was 90% black. I will say I expected to see a more accurate representation of Houston.

There  was a little disorganization,food mixups, stolen bottles, and even some people who left early due to the weather, but let me just say......THE DJ SAVED THE NIGHT!!!! I can not even begin to tell you how that DJ, and mixed drinks warmed everyone up! We went from sashaying to Southside swaying! Even little ole introverted me, interacted with random strangers, and ran into ton of friends! It felt like one big all white family reunion! There was such a variety of music, a violinist, live band performance, and just all around great vibes! Up until it was time to pack up, most forgotten how cold it was. The night went by so fast ... or so it seemed

We danced the rest of the night away even while packing up the car! We laughed at all the chaos and agreed to do it again next year. I felt a bit of a growth spurt with this process.... I was able to take a bowl of lemons and make lemonade in a shorter amount of time than usual. I typically get irritated easily, and struggle with perfection so things could have certainly stayed sour. I am a work in progress!

m super excited to participate next year and will be more than prepared by NOT OVERTHINKING IT!  If you plan to attend , go with friends you will have fun with, purchase and plan ahead of time, delegate carefully, read all the emails, don't overpack, don't stress over food (you will drink and dance more), less is definitely more, have a good attitude, bring a good camera, and  show up in your Sundays Best!

Though we experienced a few bumps and bruises ,we went ,we saw ,and we conquered Diner En Blanc Houston 2017!

Have you ever experienced Diner En Blanc?