Hey beautiful people! Yeah I know it has been a while.. well almost three  months to be exact since my last post, but I have been having so much going on per usual with life. I also have been working on some content  that I am taking my time on, in efforts to produce as much error free writing as possible. I swear sometimes I write these posts with one eye open after a long day at the salon. It is not fair to you nor to myself. I am happy that  I have some things cooking up though!  Bare with me a little as I am going through some big life transitions.

I have taken a silence as I needed to take some Me time to take care of myself. Stress has a way with me. We have this unhealthy relationship and as soon as I move on... (just like a typical relationship) it has a way to find me just when Im getting to a good place!

Let me be transparent  for a moment as to why my life has been somewhat quiet. As a creative and a perfectionist I struggle with a mind that never stops. Im constantly always seeking whats next, how am I going to make my ideas and dreams come to reality. Most may say Im ambitious (which I am), but its can sometimes be unhealthy. I am a 33 year old woman who has accomplished a lot . I received my Cosmetology license and diploma at 17,finished college at 22, bought a home at 23, had a child at 25, opened a salon at 31,sold my home at 32, and closed my salon at 33. Lets just say I was busy . I truly thought that being "Grown" composed of having many responsibilities. WHEEET?! boy was I solo wrong.

I spent my twenties in serious mode, that I didn't get much time to sit back, reflect and appreciate the accomplishments I had already made. I  have always  had a mind set of striving for more, and wanting every idea to come to reality, but with that I suffer with GAD (General Anxiety disorder ) which I still battle with time to time now.( STRESS IS MY SIDE DUDE I CANT SHAKE) . I have the natural ability to put so much on myself that it affects me in such an unhealthy  and destabilizing way. So if you are curious as to my  WHY for closing my salon, then that was a major impact of my decision along with other important reasons. I will go into more detail about the salon life in another post coming soon!


The transisiton was initially draining emotionally, physically, and mentally. I literally moved and changed my whole life.  Through the process, I learned some very important business skills. I didn't do a business acquisition per se... but the process was set up to be smooth.One in and the other out. WELLLLLLLLL.......lets just say that smooth ride I envisioned turned rocky, and left me a bit SALTY.  (ROLLING EYE EMOJI) LOL.  Through the process of "ownership" I discovered a lot about myself and PEOPLE. The lesson learned from my experience made me realize that it was time for me to just keep it simple.

I have no regrets at my decision as it has took such a major load off of me. I can now focus on my daughter, get back to the artistry of hair, and open a fresh chapter for my career in what I truly LOVE. I have joined an amazing church that I am excited to call HOME. I am getting (work in progress) to that place of being happy with exactly where I am , because this is exactly where God wants me to be.

 There is nothing wrong with striving, but don't over exert yourself , and don't forget all the strides you have made. We are all works of art, designed to be great. and though our blueprints may not go as planned, we have to find the balance.

Find your peace beautiful people!