With social media being such a heavy influence, style has become so evolutional. I think at some point we all just wished whatever dope outfit we saw would magically appear in our closets. I know for me at some point I was all over the place style wise,because i loved everything fashion and still do.  I  believe there are no real rules for fashion though I believe in fashion faux pas. (Lol) Sometimes taking those risks was the very thing that helped me hone down what style or styles worked for me.

All my life I have always heard "OnlyYou can wear that Tori!", and I always thought to myself anyone could wear what I am wearing its just how you rock it! I was not always comfortable in my  fashion shoes, but overtime repeating the same habits helped me focus   more on editing my look. I can't say that I am a fashion expert but I can say that utilizing a few tools  helped me define my personal style. If you find your style  all over the place, wanting to experiment with trends,  or just need help carving  out your style try using these five simple steps.


   This does not apply to me personally, as most of my style influences are from my grandmothers and street style, but I know a lot of women who idolize some celebs in some form. Sometimes without even knowing we Identify ourselves with these individuals. What they wear and how they present themselves, we sometimes unconsciously  want to immolate. Pick 5 of your favorite celebs and /or fashion bloggers and identify what you like about  their style. You may see a pattern. This can possibly help put you in a style category or two. (i.e. Edgy,Preppy,Boho, Chic)




   I have always loved  making mood or fashion boards, because I am visually stimulated. for the last 15 years  I have collected fashion magazines ripping out  words, colors, pics of anything i liked pasting them on card boards. At one point I framed them as art. (which turned out to be really cool). Now I use a sketchbook to paste my favorite magazine images. I personally love Instyle Magazine and Stylewatch. Both magazines are great references   providing celeb and street style wear, ways to wear them, and where to buy them; thus relating to the everyday woman.  After completing a fashion board I always look for the common denominator. Are there any repeats of colors, clothing items that stood out the most? What about this image is intriguing? You want to recognize what your eye is naturally drawn to?

   I swear Pinterest was one of the best/worst things that could have happened to me! It has now became my virtual mood board on steroids! I absolutely LOOOVE street style which i feel plays a major role in my style honestly.On Pinterest you can do the same thing pinning looks that stick out to you the most as well as pinning items or looks that you are not sure of but may want to experiment with . There are also a million style tip articles on there as well. Our minds and moods change often but the core of who we are is constant... this can help you identify your constant!


   Who doesn't love a good personality quiz? I think at some point we have all found ourselves taking part of some quiz that would rationalize a little bit more about who we are. Its not too much different than looking up your zodiac sign. Look at it as a style personality quiz. You can take several quizzes and it may reveal more about you  than you realize. You may be more eclectic  than what  you originally thought.   A style quiz won't give you all the answers but they have their benefits in identifying who you are and what fashion direction you may want to explore. HERE is a great quiz and style guide site!


    This may be a bit unorthodox but that pretty much sums up my way of thinking at times.(lol) I have found myself going to the mall and looking at the window displays. Something always draws me in. Obviously merchandising is important to these major companies because its what gets the customer into the store. So when you pass different stores such as Gap , Urban Outfitters, or Zara they all bring something completely different to the table while all displaying the same seasonal trends. If you were to walk by multiple stores, which stores will get your attention? Whose window displays could you see yourself buying right off the mannequin? I know I have always had expensive taste so I know what wing to stay away from,(lol) but I do know that I am more likely to pass up Gap and Anne Taylor than I am to ZARA or Top Shop. (Catch my drift?) This may or may not help you, but a different way to aid in discovering your style.




    At the end of the day we are who we are, and sometimes going back to old pictures can really reveal just that. I had a moment when i went looking at my old college pics and boy did i do some fashion exploring.  If you find that you liked one thing ten years ago such as florals, and wide leg jeans, then perhaps you still may be that boho chic today. I know that life and career choice can shift  and influence your style but as stated you do have a foundation. When I  did this exercise I  discovered that I love taking risks, with classic pieces.( minimalism with a POP!) I will always have a "HEY IM HERE" (statement piece) over something pretty streamlined and simple. I am also an accessories girl so I play them up all the time with a staple piece. That was me then and it is still me now. 

I am sure you are probably asking what is My style?  What are my influences?Well to be perfectly honest i am utilizing these elements to define it everyday. My grandmothers and Euro street style would be my influencers. I would like to say that I am a BOHO-AVANT-GARDENESS. (IF I can make that work lol). Im a modernist who loves to make a statement every once in a while. I also love a simple denim look with funky/trendy accessories. I don't like to be put in 1 box or category BUT.... these are the styles that I mostly fit in. By utilizing these five elements I was exposed to my style habits ;thus identifying my fashion approach.

Living in Houston I am always asked, "Where are you from?", or "What made you wear that?". When I respond that I am a girl from Oklahoma City, Ok, they are blown away lol. How could I come from such a place with some fashion sense? (at least that is how i take it) Well I believe style has no origin of birth , its natural, it like life ...always growing and evolving. Honing in on your style won't happen overnight  and we all still may make fashion faux pas, but its okay because its apart of discovering ourselves. Style reflects who you are and what you want to say....

What does your style voice say beautiful people?