Soooo..... trying to manage motherhood , 2 businesses, and my sanity has been such a challenge! But it is certainly worth it! I truly am happy that I launched my styling career because it just adds more creativity and excitement to my hair styling career. They pretty much go hand-in-hand.  I am so excited that school is out because homework sessions will be a stressor that I will no longer have and I will be able to spend more time with Kayden! I look forward to nurturing  her talents over the summer ,while catching a break or or  two for myself.

 This summer will be busy and I will be making some sacrificing transitions  but its all for the greater good! As I have mentioned I have taken some steps towards minimalism and overall simplifying my life and have become used to the lifestyle change. I have experienced   some positive effects since starting this journey, so I am getting more aggressive!

I have had the pleasure of working with some super cool women, projects, with a few more for May. I had the pleasure of working with Hayley James of  4 The Love of Beauty Blog, a beauty, style, and lifestyle blog capturing the latest trends and everyday life as a woman. I was super excited to help Hayley's vision and brand come alive after many discussions of her launching. I had been knowing Hayley as a hair client and was already privy to her style.  So fusing her personal style and Blog Brand was a breeze.  Hayley is all things FEMME! She is very much relatable and has a genuine passion for the Beauty Industry! What do you guys think?




My client and friend TaSheba contacted me because she wanted a style REVAMP! She was ready to cleanse her old wardrobe and build a new intentional  wardrobe that best represented her and her lifestyle. Sheba is a mother,  Songstress, and serves in her church so we wanted to make sure her clothes were comfortable and went with here Boho-casural girl next door style! So each month I  will shop for categorized items starting with blouses. She felt like those were the main missing components of her existing wardrobe, so off to the stores I went. I opted for pieces that flattered her style and body type; making sure all shirts could be worn seamlessly with other items. I picked quality brands, fabrics, and made sure they were all budget friendly! She was excited and bought most of them!



If you have not had the chance to check out my videos be sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube! I certainly plan to bring more content over the summer, check out my 3 Way Wednesday tutorial, How to identify Your Personal STYLE, and 5 reasons why I love what I do!