SMLXLImagine your job or new business venture cause you to up and move to a new city, better yet country and you only can take one carry on. To most of you ( mostly men) that sounds pretty easy, while others may be cringing at the idea of having to part ways with their shoe collection! As much as i love my personal collection (what i call my wardrobe ), I had to leave my old packing habits in  Paris, France (long story)and master the art of  carry-on packing!  I know a trip is different than transporting your entire life,but hey I didn't make the rules... just the game! (Well I guess I did)

Realistically we only wear about 20% of our actual wardrobe,  so most of the clothes in our closets collect dust or never see the light of day.  Most of the time these clothes go unworn because we bought it in a size that doesn't fit, it was an emotional purchase, we buy items that does'nt fit our lifestyle. What is the point of having 10 pair of boots, 5 sweaters, and 3 coats if you live in Houston, where cold weather is unlikely to occur? 

Lets go on a closet tour , to  see what you should be packing.  Each piece may have various styles , but it's about picking the one that BEST fits your lifestyle and style mood.  Its time we make better shopping decisions and save some coins while doing it.  WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PACKING!


As displayed , there are so many ways you can wear a button up, making it very much functional and transisional. Its best to stick with neutral tones to keep it flexible. Fabric, print, and style will be determined by your style mood (style identity). For example if your lifestyle or personal style mood is more laid back you may opt for a denim button up vs. the white.  Someone with more of an eclectic style my opt for a shirt with more color , patterns , and or prints. I personally own all options because they all fit my lifestyle, but if I had to choose one it would be the classic white.


To be honest the white tee can be replaced with gray, nude, or even a graphic tee, but theres just something about a crisp clean tee!  As  you can see the white tee  can completely transform  from a coffee run to an executive business meeting if styled right! A tee will take you places, and something you can easily roll and pack. Having a few more tees can never hurt. I mean who has a life that doesn't involve a t-shirt at some point?


Oh how the Blazer will take you places! Casually chic or date night dapper, you can make any jean, joggers, dress, or skirt look good. This is what I consider a style upgrade when you can take one blazer and rock with all of your wardrobe. Stick with lighter fabrics such as polyester or cotton blends. If you are in a city where the weather is colder you have more room for wool or even corduroy ! For maximum wear opt for neutral tones, and classic patterns such as plaids and houndstooth. Let your style mood guide you!


Bikers, Parkas, Bombers, Denim......jackets "OH MY"! I know this is tough, but you can only take one. This is where I struggle because I have love for them all. The jacket that makes the most sense to my lifestyle and climate is the denim jacket! This is another general selection but what makes the jacket pivotal is its ability to get you through the transition of seasons. Some fabrics such as leather and suede may work for the cool kid or the kids that  are in cooler climates, whereas the denim jacket or parka works perfectly for those in warmer places due to the  lighter fabrics . Bomber jackets can honestly come in array of fabrics  and will mostly be determined by your style preference. If you could only pack one which would it be?


This was a no brainer for me,probably because I am just fashionably biased to the Overcoat. The overcoat screams sophistication, class, and style. This piece is something worth splurging on. Yes even in Houston. I only say this because though you won't wear it much , it will be a piece you can have for years and still be totally relevant. If you must go the cheaper route hopefully your are not looking to stay warm.( I'm just saying)  I suggest going with a color and /or pattern that you will love in the next five years. To wear this coat over joggers, jeans, or a business suit will for sure get you noticed! ITs levels and layers to this!


Ladies if you are anything like me, you too can ditch the dress completely and invest in you a suit! I am not a big dress or skirt person, but I do know the benefits of a good A-line dress. This dress can be a blouse (with a skirt worn over), a skirt (with a blouse worn on top), and potential transformed into a suit by rocking a blazer on top. This dress is endless and should be purchased with care and comfort in mind. The A-line dress works for EVERY body type making it an ideal piece for any woman. I suggest splurging on this item and sticking to a solid color. Men as you can see from the images a casual suit can be dressed up with shoes and accessories, or dressed down with some sneakers. Just know most ladies are suckers for a man in a well fitted suit. PLEASE DON'T GO CHEAP AND INVEST IN A TAILOR!


The trouser or "Chino pant"  , I personally consider them all the same, a very relaxed , but dressy feel. These style makers can go casual corp or stylishly sophisticated. Colors can range, but patterns should remain simple such as stripes or plaids. Fabrics tend to be lighter which makes them more forgiving for most body types.  I know some may feel this is a repeat for the men, but with the  suit the material may  be a little more stiff and not as flexible as the trouser. Furthermore,  the suit may have more of a dressier feel than the trouser. Both man and woman can pair their blazers with these pants creating another suit look. Ive already helped you pack 3 unintentional suits! Do you see where I am going here?


Where would the world be without jeans? Okay a bit dramatic, but still... who does not wear jeans?! I must admit I used to have a bit of an obsession owning over 40 pair of jeans at one point. (don't judge me). There are so many cuts and styles. Which jeans will you pack? As stated , your style and body type will determine the best jean fit for you. Ladies If you are bottom heavy i l suggest a medium to darker wash, staying away from the bell bottom and  going more for a straight leg, or boot cut. IF you are top heavy i suggest avoiding skinny jeans and go for the boot cut or bell leg for balance. Men I realize all thighs and calf muscles are not created equal so a classic fit (straight leg ) is perfectly fine. PLEASE NO OVERSIZED PANTS! THATS JUST CHILDISH! (deep sigh and slight eye roll


Probably one of the most hardest decisions for anyone is to select 2-3 pair of shoes to pack. There are typically a lot of "what if "scenarios playing in your head, but the truth of matter is we really only need a dressy and a casual shoe. If we choose wisely in terms of color, daily activities, style, and comfort, then  you have selected a shoe. In the world of dressy for men it can be an oxford, loafer, brogue, dress boot etc. Women... we have a pump, strappy sandal, stiletto, bootie, oxford, loafer, and the list just goes on. So how to choose just one? Base this off of your wardrobe, are your suits and dresses  more dressy? (pump and oxford), If you have a wardrobe that is more relaxed and casual, men may prefer a loafer while ladies you  make take a dressier bootie.  Find me in the ailse with the flats or platforms, because I am no good in a stiletto. 



Perhaps I am a bit late in telling you that I am writing to an audience 30  and beyond. Long gone are the days of waiting in lines for "new releases". (major side eye)! Whether you are working up the corporate ladder , or  just holding the ladder, ... your shoe collection should  be transformed or transforming. Sorry not sorry if you are cringing at the moment.  Yes!!! I am so here for a clean white sneaker. Just like the white tee its limitless and gives off a clean look. The white sneak is the NEW JORDAN , at least in my books, and ladies we wear them even better! The style of shoe can determine how casual or how dressy you can rock them. You can never go wrong with the classic Adidas or my personal favorite Converse.




I decided to throw an extra piece in your suitcase  because lets face it.. if you are anything like me, you have days where you just want to be super comfy. Whether you are going to the  gym, grabbing coffee, or on  a lunch  run with a friend ,  we all need a good pair of joggers/leggings to seamlessly get us through the day. This item can honestly be what you need it to be by pairing it with pumps. blazers, tennis. tees, and jackets. Do as you will with your "running around" pants!

I hope this has helped you figure out what   YOUR  personal essentials should be , while reconsidering half of your closet. Remember the selected  pieces  style type will be based on your personal style, moods, and body type and lifestyle. Are you all packed up and ready to go? Bag overstuffed or under filled? Looking at the screen and still completely lost? No worries!  I can further assist you by  clicking the contact tab. Lets get you started on your new journey to Style!

Do you have your 10 essential pieces ? If not I can help!