Hi I'm Tori Shalea'!

Who would have known that my "secret" play-time with my dolls as a little girl would someday become my dream career! Every doll had a signature hairstyle, complementing outfit and of course a fabulous lifestyle. 

I born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by the most stylish women I know, my mom and grandmother Kathryn. Growing up I was exposed to many stylish women in my community and  child hood church. I knew that someday I wanted to embody  not only the image, but the power these women exuded.

Always known as the  "artsy/ creative kid",  I knew that someday it  would lead to a creative based  career path. Throughout my teen and college years, i toyed with the idea of style identity and self discovery which all led back to my child hood moments. As an adult I realized that I had the opportunity to utilize my talents, knowledge, and creativity to pursue Personal Styling as a career. I just wanted to help assist the Women I grew up idolizing, and ultimately the WOMAN i HAVE BECOME!



Tori Shalea' is a personal wardrobe  stylist  based in Houston Texas with a 17 year background in the beauty industry, a 4 year background in fashion, and a lifelong passion for PERSONAL STYLE!

Tori started a personal style blog in 2011 , while maintaining a cosmetology, and makeup artistry  career. Through her various photo shoot, projects, and retail jobs she gained  experience, client relationship building, skill and knowledge giving her the ability to build total image confidence. 

 With a personal desire for change and fulfillment, along with  the rise of  social calamity  , In 2017 Tori decided to conquer her fear to pursue a career as a Personal Stylist. She wanted to the lives of people, and their perception of happiness through building self awareness, acceptance, and through a healthy image.

Tori has been featured  as a Style Expert on Great Day Houston as well as various local podcasts and  blogs. She has been spotlighted twice on FASHION BOMB DAILY MAG,  and has  been featured in INTYLE Magazine. Tori has branded the Instagram #3WAYWEDNESDAY , showing women how to get more out of one clothing item.  She is a rising stylist...not to the stars, but to the Everyday People she desires to serve.

Tori Shalea' completed a The School of Style Personal Stylist Certification Program , based in Los Angeles, California , and holds  a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Texas Southern Univertisy in Houston Texas. 



This is Where Your LIFE, Your STYLE...  are made SIMPLE!


By Building intentional wardrobes that SAVE TIME & MONEY, BUILD CONFIDENCE, and that allows you to get back the the things in life that YOU TRULY VALUE!


My services cater to the everyday career professional and entrepreneur,  looking to gain a sense of style clarity, build a lifestyle based wardrobe, and to build overall image confidence! Personal styling services are  not exclusive to only "celebrities", as I provide an array of services that work for  the EVERYDAY BUDGET!


My business was built for those like me, who were looking to simplify life's stressors, to maintain a healthy image, save money , and most importantly to make 1 less decision a day!