Who would have known that my "secret" play- time with my dolls as a little girl would someday become my career!  Every doll had a signature  hairstyle, complimenting outfit and of course a fabulous lifestyle.  Its crazy how I perceived life and style at such an early age.

Hi I am Tori Shalea' a personal style consultant and mother from Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I help build lifestyle focussed wardrobes for the On- the- Go career professional woman.

Often  our careers and family obligations, can become overwhelming due to the constant demands. Frequent work travel , work / personal socials, and the balance of life can become overwhelming. We have little time to take care of ourselves which keeps us from living out our desired lifestyle.We as career driven women can often fall pray in the emotional, or sporadic shopping craze when bombarded with work travel, work and or social events. This behavior typically results in over consumption and a lot of NOTHING TO WEAR DAYS!I 

How can I help simplify your LIFE?

I can do it in style!

Thats where I come in, to educate  and provide services that will aid in building intentional wardrobes for YOUR LIFE an STYLE. I will prepare you for the boardroom, your work, and social calendar, and your next destination abroad.





I have a 16 year plus  background in  the Beauty industry in which I am able to guide women to their full style potential. cultivating individuality and confidence. I SIMPLY can help build a womans complete image and personal brand.

I have  been published in PUMP Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, and Instyle Magazine.

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Tori Shalea'

 The Blogger


A mother and entrepreneur journaling my unorthodox lifestyle while dancing outside the box to my own tune! With a history of stress and anxiety, Im working towards creating a fulfilled life by KEEPING IT SIMPLE! I'm a creative and multi- passionate person so I found it necessary to create a safe place to archive  my random thoughts , experiences,   and new journey of becoming a minimalist. 

My blog posts cultivates STYLE, quality of life, and being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!